Microsoft MSN Extreme

For the launch of the Internet Explorer 9, DECADE ONE created exclusively for Microsoft a completely new version of the MSN portal.  It demonstrates the different HTML5 support-channels and its new features. The whole concept shows the process of transforming a classical programmed web page into an impressive, interactive 3D site by using HTML5.

The innovative portal allows companies a complete new internet-presence. Its exclusive appearance enabling strong viral marketing effects make a powerful tool out of the platform. For example with the World of Wonders special “Earth Attack” visitors can experience an exciting space adventure and explore interactively our solar system.  The sites visual configurations are based on physically realistic representations.

MSN extreme shows the convergence of videos, classical text contents and navigation tools offering equally information and entertainment. Programming with HTML5 using 3D contents sets a further milestone in web history.

Client :  
Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
Date :  
September 2010