Andreas Hilber and Christoph Rager graduated at the University of Augsburg. They studied design with focus on communication design, movie design and informatics. 2003 they accomplished their idea of creating an own agency and already worked successfully on several international projects.

Know-how, high demands of crossing medial barriers, and a relaxed style of management led DECADE ONE to a variety of won awards and regular customers. For their business concept Andreas Hilber and Christoph Rager have been handed out the Bavarian Founders Award.


DECADE ONE employed exceptionally talented and highly qualified skilled workers from all around the world. Their key focus was design, 3D animation, web development and programming. The accomplishment of our projects was based on teamwork and cooperation.

Always looking to be in touch with the latest trends we exceeded the limits of technical possibilities. A constant willingness to learn led our specialists to incredible results as much as they inspired our customers. In this way we ensured our position as the innovation-leading New Media Agency.